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Alberta, 2018
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FootnotesReport Name: Mental Health and Addictions Hospitalizations in Canada, by Health Region

Report ID: MH2

© 2020 Canadian Institute for Health Information.

1) Substance-related disorders presented in this report are mental and behavioural disorders. Users are cautioned not to compare the results with those of the indicator Hospital Stays for Harm Caused by Substance Use reported in the Your Health System web tool. The latter results are based on a broader set of conditions, including poisonings.
2) Prior to 2014–2015, indicators were made available only for health regions with a population greater than 75,000.
3) Psychiatric hospital discharges were excluded from these analyses.
4) Standardized rates were age-adjusted using a direct method of standardization. As of 2014–2015, CIHI updated the Canada reference population from the 1991 Canadian population to the 2011 Canadian population.
5) As of 2016–2017, the assignment of diagnosis codes to diagnosis categories was modified. For more information, see “Hospital Mental Health Database, 2018–2019: User Documentation.”
6) Discharge include deaths.
7) As of 2015–2016, the 2 measures of readmission rates for mood disorders are no longer reported. A revised measure of 30-day readmission for mood disorders is available in the following Quick Stats product: Mental Health and Addictions Hospitalizations in Canada, Supplementary Tables.
8) Certain cells were suppressed for confidentiality reasons in accordance with CIHI’s privacy policy. Totals exclude suppressed values.
9) A cell value of “-” indicates a suppressed value, no value or that the value is not applicable or not included.
10) Click “About this QuickStat” for detailed notes and methodology information related to this report.
11) Sources: Hospital Mental Health Database, Canadian Institute for Health Information; Population Estimates, Statistics Canada.

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