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CANFigure A:How provinces compare with OECD countries on Access to Care indicatorsFigure A presents Canadian and provincial results relative to the OECD average, measured in standard deviations. Select indicatorSelect comparison countriesPrint to PDFWait Time:Cataract SurgeryHip ReplacementWait Time:Knee ReplacementWait Time:Same or NextDay AppointmentRegularDoctorWait Time:SpecialistaverageInternationalSelect provinceConfidence intervalsN.L.P.E.I.N.S.N.B.Que.Ont.Man.Sask.Alta.B.C.Health StatusNon-Medical DeterminantsPatient SafetyQuality of CareAccess to Care
Poor Weekend/Evening CareInability to Pay forMedical BillsThe shaded band represents the area between the top and bottom quarters (25th and 75th percentiles) of OECD countries.All OECD countriesPeer countriesPrescribing in Primary Care3.0Standard deviation1.00.0-1.0-3.0
Wait Time: Cataract Surgery: Median wait time (in days) from specialist assessment (booking date) to cataract surgery
Figure B:Wait Time: Cataract Surgery: Provincial comparison with All OECD countries, 2017 or most recent year
Notes: Data is available for 16 OECD countries and all provinces. Variations in indicator results can occur due to differences in data collection, the data quality and the data years available. For more information on indicator methodology and comparability, see the Methodology page. | Sources: Wait Times web tool, 2018, CIHI; OECD Health Statistics 2019.
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