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The Patient Cost Estimator (PCE) is an interactive tool developed by CIHI to estimate the average cost of various services provided in hospitals. This tool provides information nationally, by jurisdiction and by patient age group. The cost estimates represent the estimated average cost of services provided to the average typical inpatient in an acute care facility. They include the costs incurred by the hospital in providing services and exclude physician fees, since physicians are normally paid directly by the jurisdiction and not by the hospital.

Use CIHI’s PCE to find

  • Estimated average costs per Case Mix Group (CMG), by jurisdiction and age group
  • Average length of stay by CMG, by jurisdiction and age group
  • Volumes by CMG, by jurisdiction and age group
  • Various summary reports

The PCE includes only typical patients who have undergone the expected course of treatment.

Variations across jurisdiction, including differences in care delivery models and labour rates, will limit the comparability of the PCE’s results, so be cautious when interpreting the results.

You can export results from 2014–2015 to 2018–2019 to an Excel spreadsheet by using the supporting links below.